Ubuntu vs Kubuntu 12.10 Vs Xubuntu 12.10 Vs Lubuntu 12.10

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Recently My spouse and i been successful inside installing all of those distros : Big father Ubuntu as well as progenies Kubuntu, Xubuntu and also Lubuntu. Used to do some sort of stay shoe coming from all some on my own Asus K54C laptop together with 3. 3 GHz Intel second Gen Ci3 processor and also 3 GB DDR3 MEMORY and also later installed on the same, a single right after one more to look at your shows, programs as well as other attributes regarding almost all these systems.

I delivered electronically thirty-two bit ISO regarding each one of these distros in the respected websites. Each is compatible to be able to Unetbootin thus, organizing stay hardware weren't a problem. With regard to installing I chosen the full installing setting using world-wide-web upon and also within process installing updates along with multimedia system codecs. For this reason, every single installing got in relation to around 30 minutes to begin for your examine and also contrast.



ParametersUbuntu 12.10Kubuntu 12.10Xubuntu 12.10Lubuntu 12.10
Size of ISO790 MB999.6 MB727 MB726 MB
Booting time (post installation)9 sec10 sec8 sec8 sec
DesktopUnity with Gnome 3.6KDE 4.9.2XFCE 4.10LXDE
Linux kernel3.5.0-173.5.0-173.5.0-173.5.0-17
CPU usage (live boot)20-30%2-6%1-5%1-5%
RAM usage (live boot)456 MB270 MB180 MB134 MB
CPU Usage (post installation)20-30%2-10%1-5%0-5%
RAM usage (post installation)412 MB300 MB160 MB123 MB
Installation time (with 1 MBPS connection)30 min.30 min.30 min.30 min.
Wifi detectionImmediateImmediateImmediateImmediate
Touchpad detectionWorks by defaultWorks by defaultWorks by defaultWorks by default
Ease of useA bit on the slower sideWorks well on the systemReally smooth to useReally smooth to use
Eye candy factorLooks awesome!Plasma interface looks goodInterface is brighter and looks better than everInterface looks more or less the same, a bit bland
RepositoryUbuntu Software Center Package Manager 1.4.1Ubuntu Software Center Software Center
File ManagerNautilus 3.4.2Dolphin 2.1Thunar 1.4PCManFM 1.0.1
StabilityHanged while playing video in Gnome MPlayerCPU utilization 100% while playing video in Dragon Player; but didn't hang20% CPU utilization while playing video in VLC14% CPU usage while playing video in Gnome MPlayer

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  1. Hi Taoufiq,
    Thanks for your comprehensive review. I have this old Mac machine and was wondering which of the Butu's to go for. This is the specs, kindly suggest which one is best for me.

    The iBook G3/500 (Dual USB - Tr), features a 500 MHz PowerPC 750cx (G3) processor with a 256k "on chip" level 2 cache, 128 MB of RAM, a 10.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive, "Combo" drive, 2X AGP ATI Rage Mobility 128 graphics with 8 MB of VRAM, active matrix display (1024x768 native resolution).

    Thanks. Victor

  2. I suggest for you Victor Aben the Lubuntu 12.10


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